Who we are? Our long journey of success




My123image was founded in 2013. Start with the love of providing our clients with the best visual results, now our business has many years of professional experience in portraits, and business visual services. Currently, in Los Angeles photography brands, we stand out to the bests in trustworthiness and quality, to be uniquely creative, yet business orientated. Our unique background over the years allowed us to earn a steady stream of loyal clients both among businesses and among individuals.

Our company put heavy emphasis into each individual person, each individual art, reflecting their true forms artistically thru the form of visualization. My123image captures a brand multi dimensionally with different angles to express the brand onto different customers with diverse backgrounds. Camera and picture is our tool of expression, we wish to be working with you to build to connection to achieve your goal.


Over a decade of experience, professionalism, dedication and diligence. To provide the highest customer satisfaction.

Best protection and insurance coverage made to secure your safety and events.

Trustworthy. Transparent spending and no hidden costs.

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